"Watch This My Internet Business Insider Video From Bill and Franco Below and You'll Be Fully Informed About What MyInternetBusiness Is Really All About..."

Watch This First Video And Get A Brief Understanding Of What This is REALLY About:

And Now Let's Get Into The Facts & Details...

Welcome to the NO HYPE Tour on My Internet Business. The bottomline is that MIB has built an Internet Based Home Business System where they have corrected the many CRITICAL weaknesses inherent in all other online home business opportunity programs. We'll explain in detail through this tour and videos/audios, but the bottomline of why we're involved with MIB is:

1. Automated System That Includes EVERYTHING needed to profit online.

2. Plug and Play for the new member. Completely brandable for the experienced Attraction Marketer.

3. Plug into your own Autoresponder if you wish.

4. Leveraged, RESIDUAL Comp plan. NEVER lose your frontline like in 1UPS. NEVER end up training your competition. Earn each time your frontline makes a sale or an upgrade...

5. Multiple price points so ANYONE really serious can get started.

6. Built in marketing training. Beginning to Advanced marketing tactics so you can focus on driving traffic and getting paid and NOT on constant orientation and training of new members. It's done for you IN the system. Priceless...

There Are BIG Problems In This Industry and It's VERY IMPORTANT For YOU To Learn EXACTLY What Those Problems Are So You Can Avoid Them...


Learn & Avoid The Big Four Problems of This Industry:

1. Branding The Guru: It's Marketing Suicide. Don't believe the hype. All you're doing is advertising with you money and time to help sell for your "guru"...

My Internet Business (MIB) positions YOU as the leader. It's completely brandable. Your own videos and tour branding if you want. Our training shows you how to avoid this critical error.

2. Training Your Competition (1UPS): Don't DO IT. Your best quality prospects will want to always join you at the higher levels and qualify quickly. They immediately break away from you and become your competition. No teamwork. No synergy.

My Internet Business allows you to NEVER LOSE your frontline members. Each and EVERY time any of your frontline members upgrades or makes a sale, YOU also get paid. Now you can work with leverage, synergy and teamwork.

3. Lack of REAL Internet Marketing Training. The best website in the world won't mean a hill of beans if you're not trained in how to properly market and get traffic to that site. Most other programs out there offer little to NO real internet marketing training.

My Internet Business is ALL ABOUT Professional Grade Internet Marketing Training. But not only that... our team has been training people for free in all internet marketing tactics for years. That is why we were so positive in promoting MIB. It fits right into what we've been doing. The MAIN THING PEOPLE NEED out there is Marketing Training... not a super vitamin or wonder juice or spectacular travel club... MARKETING TRAINING. And you get in spades with us...

4. Weak Compensation Plans with Little To NO LEVERAGE. Don't join a plan where you're just an affiliate spinning your wheels. Every Monday you have to start over and make fresh sales or you don't eat. Choose a plan with LEVERAGE built in.

My Internet Business has the MOST LEVERAGE built into it's compensation structure than ANY other internet or home based business out there. Review the comp plan closely.

5. MLM Residual Income FANTASY. It's a LIE in the real world. You'd have to recruit a small ARMY to make any real money in ANY MLM. Period. And then, you'd have to rebuild that army of distributors each and every 60 to 90 days because most will leave you by then due to NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE THEM STAY... Anyone who tells you otherwise is LYING... or hyping up their program.

Listen to this audio. It explains EXACTLY where MLM reality stops and FANTASY begins... and it's not good news...


Why EXACTLY Have We Been Able To Succeed And Help Our Teammates While 97% Of the Rest of This Industry Continue To Fail Miserably?

This is EXACTLY WHY We Have Succeeded While Most Fail...

1. Desire. If you don't have it, or go get it... you WILL NOT succeed.

2. Work Ethic. This is NOT a game. If you treat it as a game, you will lose. If you treat this like a multi-million dollar business from the beginning, it will be the easiest and simplest money maker you've ever encountered.

3. LEVERAGE. It's absolutely critical NOT to promote anything that does not offer enough leverage. We explain exactly why having AUTOMATION, SYSTEMS, SIMPLICITY and LEVERAGE is critical to really making big from home.

4. REAL Internet Marketing Training: Leverage it. Plug into it. Plug your team into it. Don't try to do it all yourself. KEY to massive growth.

5. Closing Assistance. If you or your new members do not know or don't learn how to close their sales... you will be DEAD IN THE WATER. My Internet Business completely automates this critical function. We also provide cutting edge training on how to effectively close sales and we will help you close your sales as well. Listen in and find out how and what systems are already in place to do this for you.

Why Did We Plug Into My Internet Business Versus So Many Other Online Home Businesses?


There Are Some KEY Reasons We Chose My Internet Business As An Internet Based Home Business To Promote:

1. LEVERAGE. You simply can not help but really like the way they built so much financial leverage into this Residual and Passive Income Compensation Plan. The ability to NEVER lose your frontline members was a KEY aspect that made My Internet Business a real "No-Brainer" for us...

2. AUTOMATION. With all the heavy lifting being done by the MIB system itself, we can focus on doing what needs to be done to make boatloads of money... marketing and driving traffic. All the hassles both on the frontend, and the back end support and training are handled by My Internet Business, which is again... a BIG "No-Brainer"...

3. SIMPLICITY. It just doesn't get any simpler than this in internet marketing. No need to figure out SEO, autoresponders, copywriting etc... it's all done. Plug and Play and get people to the site.

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What Type Of Valuable Knowledge, Support And Training Will YOU Receive By Working Directly With Us In The My Internet Business System?

Listen To This Audio First:

The Training System You Plug Into Is MORE CRITICAL Than ANY Other Aspect of The Business You're Looking to Join:

1. My Internet Business built in Internet Marketing Training.

2. Private Team Training Web Site.

3. Free Training Webinars and Recorded Calls

4. Free Overview & Closing Calls and Webinars on Our Team

5. Personal Team Closing Assistance. Let Us CLOSE YOUR SALES, and also show you how to close your own.

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Our Training Platform Part 2:


And this is just the very tip of the iceberg. You get to work with professional people, AS A TEAM. Due to the leverage built into the MIB Structure and Compensation Plan we have a BURNING motivation to assist you in growing your business as quickly as possible. Leverage off of us to have over 20 years of home business experience and assistance working with you.

We're normal, every day people who have focused on mastering the art and science of Home Based Internet Marketing and ONLY focus on building programs where the more we help YOU succeed, the more we get paid. It's nice to be right up front and honest, right?

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FINALLY, If You Resonate With Our Message And You're Interested In Joining Us And Moving Forward, Simply Request Your FREE FIVE MINUTE Interview With Us And See If We BOTH Are A Good Fit For Each Other...


If our style and message resonates with you and you're a positive, confident person looking to align yourself with a professional team that can and will help you build a solid, profitable and long term organization, then simply request and schedule your brief FIVE MINUTE INTERVIEW with us TODAY...

During our Quick and Easy FIVE MINUTE Interview, you'll know whether we are both a good fit for each other. We have a SIMPLE, AUTOMATED system that has already been working to create SIX FIGURE INCOME STREAMS with no phone selling or pitching and hyping junk products...

We have something that works EXTREMELY well for most people. So we're looking to work and build our team with only high quality, SERIOUS entrepreneurs.

If you think you may have what it takes (desire and commitment) to work with us, then simply fill out the Interview Request Form below and one our team leaders will call and schedule your FREE Five Minute Interview

Call Us Direct at: (561) 674-5695. We'll help answer any other questions you may have and provide you with a Five Minute Interview to see if you are a good fit for our team.

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Fill out this Short, Simple Form To Schedule Your FREE Five Minute Interview:

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